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Hello my Minions,

I am just going to run with my day theme. INDEPENDENCE DAY! We stand for freedom! Being up and about! 

I worked with this young, beautiful model, Anna Wilkinson. She is a smart, young, busy, and talented model. Apart from her modeling, she is working towards being a teacher. Wanting to teach the young, but here she is Young, Wild and Free!

Signing Out,


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The Beginning Hello! 

My name is Aniket Raj. I started my photography as a passion for art. I am fascinated by all things art. Growing up I was given my first camera on my 5th birthday! I believe that it took me a week to become curious how a camera takes the pictures. I had removed the case, all that was left were the camera parts. This began my journey on destroying things in order to learn how they work. Fun times! :D 

Anyways, this is just an introduction. So I will spare you the long read. Will see you next week for my second post! :)

Sincerely but not really,

Aniket Raj


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